World Famous Grand Canyon National Park An Overview

There are mountains, ridges, gorges, and then there is the Grand Canyon National Park. One of the most beautiful historical places in America, this park has been on display for the people from USA and all over the world, as an example of how the nature plays its tricks and leaves the impressions on the Earth for, lets say forever.

Earlier a habitat for human, this site has now become a tourist attraction owing to the unique landscape, environment, and experience it has to offer to the visitors. The various patterns have emerged on the face of the land as a result of geologic activity and soil erosion of the Colorado river. Though this canyon is known to exist for thousands of years now, it got official recognition on February 26, 1919, after much efforts put by the then-senator, Benjamin Harrison and later by President Theodore Roosevelt.

The process of naming it as an official national park took many decades. Benjamin Harrison introduced the bill to name this Canyon as a national park thrice in 1882, 1883, and 1886, respectively; all the time the bill was not passed. He established Grand Canyon Forest Reserve in 1893 after he became the President. Later, Theodore Roosevelt created the Grand Canyon Game Preserve and the Grand Canyon National Monument, before President Woodrow Wilson finally signed the act in 1919.

Geography Overview

Located at not so far distance from Fredonia and Tusayan cities of Arizona, this park boasts some of the most distinguished patterns of rocks that have been carved out by nature in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This has become a USP because rare are such sightings in any other part of America.

South Rim

The Grand Canyon Village: Here, you will come across a fantastic view of the historic buildings and the crowds that gather to let the nature embrace them in its glory.

Desert View: The Colorado river and the canyon can be seen from the historic Watchtower and the view will make you believe that the nature has a classic sense of aesthetics.

Hermits Rest: One look at this place and you will understand that despite all advancements in the world, nature is still the most influential factor that drives the imagination power of humans. This structure has been created using a mixture of stones and woods to give it a contrasting appeal; and this leaves us wondering that like chameleons, we humans do adapt ourselves to the surroundings not with an intention of saving our soul, but to bow our heads in respect to the mother nature.

Strolling across the South Rim, you will come across several other viewpoints from where the scenic beauty can be seen, felt, and captured.

North Rim

At this spot, there are comparatively less visitors. Thus, there is a wider scope for you to find bliss and tranquil while being engrossed in sightseeing from different viewpoints including Bright Angel Point, Cape Royal, Point Imperial, etc.

Grand Canyon West or the Hualapai Indian Reservation

Without being an official part of the park, this point is still very close to the official park area and thus is a spot with two viewpoints to the canyon. Here is the Grand Canyon West and the Sky-walk, both belonging to the geographical expanse inhabited by the Hualapai Tribe. Tour packages , prices for which range from $29 – $109 per person, are available with different tour operators.

Havasupai Indian Reservation

After a horse ride or a hike to this place, you will encounter some beautiful waterfalls that will rain down the exertion of your journey and energize you to the core. All you need to do is opt for a feasible transport option, pay $35 per person entry fees, and get inside this spot to feast your eyes with the view of Canyon from the countryside.

What to do at Grand Canyon National Park?

Hiking, river rafting, bicycling, star gazing, flight-seeing, and several other things are to amuse the visitors and keep them engaged, while allowing to explore various spots of this park.

Eat, Drink, Collect

To satiate your gastronomical thirsts and get your spirits high, you can go to Grand Canyon Lodge Dining Room, Arizona Room, Cafe On The Rim, Coffee Saloon, Bright Angel Restaurant and Bar, El Tovar Hotel Dining Room and Lounge, Maswik Pizza Pub, Rough Rider Saloon, Jacob Lake Inn and Gift Shop.

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