Famous Warner Brothers Studio Take A Look

The greatest gift that human race is blessed with is the ability to recognize the voices and the visuals and perceive the message that is a galactic notion expressed in the audio-visual format. There is almost no end to the number of people and organizations that are involved in the business of creating and showcasing different forms of entertainment to the audiences worldwide. One of the studios that has created a benchmark of success and excellence for other studios to follow is the Warner Brothers Studio, which has been into existence for more than a century now.

Early Years

The studio is named after Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack (or Jacob), four brothers whoWarner Brothers Studio in Burbank, California were the founders. The business of the studio initially was to project films rather than producing or distributing. Though the studio and its subsidiaries now operate from Burbank, California, the first theater opened by the Warner Brothers Studio was located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, in 1903.

The studio started distributing films in 1904 through a new company called Duquesne Amusement and Supply Company in Pittsburgh. As the world was witnessing the first world war, Warner Brothers had ventured into film production, and soon the sun was shining at the Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, where the first studio was opened by Warner Bros. The year was 1918 and the world war had ended, and a new era for Warner Brothers had begun, as they had released the first feature film and later on went on to establish the Warner Brothers, Inc. in 1923.

Warner Brothers introduced the concept of sync sound. In the later period, the studio became a trend-setter not just for the studios, but also for the people who watched the films produced by the studio. People changed, trends changed, actors came and left, cult films were made, and television was revamped as time passed.


Warner Brothers Studio is the place where thoughts and dreams are converted into reality with the help of cutting edge technology and combined efforts of the production staff.

What to do at the Warner Brothers Studio

A street at the Warner Brother StudioYou can opt for either a VIP tour or a deluxe tour. If there are more than 24 people, then you can go for the group tour offered by the studio. Customized offers make it easy for your group to enjoy the visit.

The VIP tour offers a closer look at what goes behind the scenes. The cost per person for a VIP tour is $49.00, and the tour goes on for two hours and twenty-five minutes. After introducing the visitors with a short film on the Studio’s history, the tour begins at the Tour Store and Center, where you can enjoy coffee and meals and purchase gifts from the Warner Brothers gift shop.

The tour continues and takes you to the back where numerous films and television serials have been shot since the inception of the studio. With shootings going on simultaneously, chances are high that you encounter an actor whom you always dreamt of meeting in real life. The only limitations are that you cannot film during tour and restrictions are imposed on photographing as well. Advance booking is recommended, as the tickets are sold on first-come, first-serve basis.

Deluxe tour, on the other hand, costs $250.00 per person and goes on for five hours.The locations at Warner Brothers Studio are identical to the real world structures. Though the tour begins from the same place where the VIP tour begins, you are guided into the craft shops, the playground of artisans who are the creators of sets, costumers, props, etc.

If witnessing the process of film and television production from such a close distance is not tantalizing enough, then you can wait for your chance to dine with the stars at the Commissary Fine Dining Room if your stars shine bright on the day you visit the studio.

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