Famous J.Paul Getty Museum Have A Closer Look

Storing and preserving are traits that humans from all parts of the world are usually born with. Some people preserve and store things for self amusement, whereas others do it with an aim to make the world aware of a particular art form, lifestyle, or objects that were or are unique in their functions and appearance. This habit of preserving, thus gave birth to museums which collect and display a large number of objects that depict a certain achievement of the period which they belong to. The J. Paul Getty Museum is one such heaven, where artifacts from Greece, Rome, and Etruria have been stored and kept for the connoisseurs of ancient art.

The museum was established from the collection of J. Paul Getty, an industrialist who hailed from Minneapolis and was one of the richest industrialists of his period. He established the J. Paul Getty Trust in 1953, and the museum was established under the administration of this trust in 1954. This museum boasts of artifacts that date back to the Middle Ages to the recent ones. With events going on throughout the year and more than a million visitors walking in every year, the J. Paul Getty Museum has become one of the most visited museums in the USA.

J. Paul Getty MuseumThere are two locations where the museum is located. The main museum is at the Brentwood, while the other museum is located at the Pacific Palisades, both in Los Angeles. The second museum was established in 1974 at the Getty Villa, one of the many properties held by J. Paul Getty.

What to See at J. Paul Getty Museum

Visitors have the option to look at and admire the varied art forms such as paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, antiques, photographs, etc.

The museum is not just limited to its display of artifacts for the connoisseurs. TheJ. Paul Getty Museum – A beautiful landscape Getty Research Institute, Getty Foundation, and the Getty Conservation Institute are managed by the J. Paul Getty Trust, which also contributes in conducting learning programs to study ancient arts and cultures.

Getty Research Institute

The library at the Getty Research Institute has around 900,000 volumes of books, periodicals, special editions, and more than 2 million photographs from the 19th and 20th century that depict the art and architecture of times gone by. The library can be accessed by the visitors, but the collection is not circulated among the masses.

Three famous exhibitions, apart from open lectures, workshops, and screenings of various films and videos, are held each year at the GRI. Though the entry to the workshops is through invitation only, the lectures and screenings are open for all.

Every year, several scholars join the residential scholars program at the institute. The aim of this program is to enlighten human lives and the various aspects of human existence and functioning through the various art forms.

Getty Conservation Institute

This institute operates from both museum sites. The motto of this institute is to develop and impart learnings by assimilating the efforts of people within and outside the institute. This institute aims to preserve both art and architecture.

J. Paul Getty Museum – Beautiful outside, interesting insideThe major projects of GCI include researches to identify the causes of deterioration of buildings, artifacts, and other objects. Several other scientific projects are conducted on a regular basis, the aim of which is to enlighten humanity about the processes that enabled the creation of ancient artworks.

The institute, in collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles, is involved in imparting knowledge through long-term education programs. A course developed by the institute on “Fundamental of the Conservation of Photographs” has been adapted by the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and Slovak National Library in Eastern Europe.


At the Getty Center, an assortment of European paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculptures, photographs, etc., are put on display. The structure of the building and the gardens are also beautiful to look at.

At the Getty Villa, antiques from Greece, Rome, and Etruria are something that appeal to any art enthusiast. Like the Getty Center, this building is also appealing with its appearance and design, and so are the gardens.

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